Trailhead Therapy & Mentoring uses a strengths-based, relationship-focused, recovery oriented model to guide all of our work. We believe that at each client’s core Self, they are whole and inherently good. We also believe in meeting the client where they are at, both physically and psychologically. Our therapists and mentors travel to our clients, providing In-Home Therapy as well as Adventure Based Therapy.  Mentors can work independently in building skills with clients, or in collaboration with therapists.

Our therapy and mentoring services are available to individuals that are enrolled in Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) in their local county. Currently, we work with CCS clients in Vernon, Crawford, Richland and Sauk counties. 



The Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program is a community based service available to qualifying individuals who are eligible for Medical Assistance and have a mental illness. The program arranges for medical treatment and mental health support to facilitate the healing of an individual. Trailhead Therapy & Mentoring  works with local counties to provide members of CCS with a variety of services to meet your individual needs.

Our team of therapists offer an array of services that may be helpful to a client enrolled in a CCS program. These services include, but are not limited to:

Individual Skill Development, Psychoeducation, Wellness Management, Psychotherapy, Substance Abuse Treatment, Vocational Rehab and Recovery Planning.


In-Home therapy sessions allows our therapists and mentors to provide services to families unable to reach an office, accommodate those with busy schedules or provide services to those that may find it challenging to leave their home because of their mental health status. In-home therapy can be a solution to these obstacles

In many cases, In-Home therapy also allows us to reach young clients where they are the most comfortable and begin therapy there. In addition, when therapy is provided in the home, the relationship between therapist and client is likely to develop more quickly because client's are more relaxed in their home than an unfamiliar office setting. As a result, progress and healing and occur more readily.


Mentoring is designed to give young adults the opportunity for skill building through experiences that would naturally occur in their everyday life, at their home, school, work place or other setting. To help the individual develop a specified skill, their Mentor works to model, educate, motivate, and coach them on how to use and practice overcoming obstacles related to these skills.

Our Mentors have an array of skills to help clients build on their strengths; they work closely with the clients' therapist and in collaboration with the child’s family to achieve a specific skill-building goal. They create a positive relationship with the individual they are working with to achieve goals through creative learning experiences and also work with the young adult to provide feedback to the family on their progress and the skills they are practicing.